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Hello & Welcome! 

We are Meghan and Mike

We're deeply honored and grateful that you are considering including our family as part of your adoption exploration.

We commend your strength and courage and we look forward to connecting with you.

We have been married for 3 years and we're excited to be starting a family.

Mike is a childhood cancer survivor, so we've known for years that adoption would likely be our only way to have children. After exploring fertility options we found out for certain that we cannot conceive a biological child together.  We have both always seen the incredible value in adopting and we decided it would be the best path forward for us to become parents.  We strongly support every woman's right over their body.  


We feel incredibly lucky to have a full and wonderful life and we're ready and eager to share our joy with children. We have an amazing support system here in Seattle and our family and friends are eagerly awaiting the newest member of our family.

Our Promises to Your Child

  • We promise to provide opportunities for education, creativity, adventure and wonder

  • We promise to help develop their unique talents and interests

  • We promise to teach them to be honest, generous, kind and self-respecting

  • We promise to laugh with them through life's joy and teach resilience to get them through life's challenges


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We hope that you choose us to provide a safe, loving, and fun home for your child



What we're excited to share with your child

  • Our love of books and learning

  • A love of sports - to play and watch (we've played 7 between the two of us!)

  • Dog snuggles and kisses

  • How to balance work and play

  • Great communication skills for life success

  • Financial stability and ​how to make smart decisions early

  • Traveling new places

  • A love for national parks and respect for the planet

  • Christmas Cookie baking and other family traditions

  • Art, crafts, music, and other creative outlets

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